Thursday, September 29, 2011

Be Real, Get a Life

For the past twenty-one years I have lived with cancer.  And I have done so privately. I haven’t been secretive about being a “cancer survivor” but I have chosen not to let cancer define who I am.  It is something that happened to me, but it is not me.  Yes, it has shaped who I have become and what I have chosen to do, but it is not me.

But recently I have decided to speak up more – not because I want sympathy or a pity party, but more because I recognize I have a message to convey.

I see too many people who do not realize or appreciate that we have one life to live and it could change on a dime.

I see too many people who do not realize their full potential out of fear, not stepping forward to shine.

I see too many people who sweat over the small stuff when it truly doesn’t matter in the scheme of things.  Get rid of the negativity in your life, you don’t need or deserve it.

That’s why I wrote my book.  And my message is – live life now. Surround yourself with people who believe, love and support you.  Do what you are meant to do…now and take that risk, swallow your fear and become who you are supposed to be.


Cheryl Ambrose said...

Bravo, Anne, Bravo.

Betty Lou said...

Thanks Anne, very inspiring.
Having been diagnosed with a serious condition I understand the necessity of surrounding yourself with supportive positive people. Some people are not strong enough to handle their own pain let alone someone else. I read your book and was particularly struck by your chapter on discovering you had cancer.
Betty Lou Reynolds