Thursday, October 06, 2011

Taking risks

I have been talking and writing a lot lately about taking risks, stepping out of your comfort zone.

One of my suggestions to get used to the concept, is to just drive home a different way and deciding I should practice what I preach, that’s what I did today.

I was feeling quite adventurous as I went straight ahead, instead of turning right.  First thing I noticed was a local hotel where a friend will be staying next month. Good to know, it’s not actually where I thought it was.

Next as I turned the corner I noticed several large trucks and a young woman holding a stop sign.  My first thought was to be pleased that there was a woman working on the site.  That generous thought lasted two minutes, maybe three max, as the traffic came to a standstill.  Five minutes later we were all still there.  Nothing was moving either way.

Eventually being the A type personality that I am, along with the other less patient drivers, I did a three-point turn and got back onto the main road and came home the usual way, thwarted in my attempt to step outside my travelling box.

So what did I learn from this little escapade?  There were no signs warning you of the road works ahead, but then in life, we don’t see flashing neon signs of danger either.  You just have to deal with the cards you are dealt with, make a decision and move on or in this instance, turn around.

Instead of being in autopilot, I was much more observant than usual, taking note of my surroundings.  It isn’t wrong to take a risk, but like anything you do for the first time, it could take you longer than you think to reach your destination! 

But hey nothing ventured, nothing gained. I now know where the hotel is.

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