Monday, June 25, 2007


We all have dreams that we want to realize, and often it takes us longer than we think to get there.

But a few weeks ago, I shared my dream with several women who are part of Company of Women and with their help, it is becoming a reality.

I have always enjoyed writing – real stuff – not fiction – but the facts of life. When I look back, I was even the editor of the school newsletter so it really should come as no surprise, that writing, sharing our truths and finding our voices are very much part of my future as well as my past.

So what’s the dream? To produce a publication that is meaningful to women; that gives you the information, tools and a touch of reality (and humour) to help you succeed and realize your dreams. The other weekend, we had the first meeting of a group of women who will be writing for Company – a new publication we plan to launch in September.

Sure, there are other publications out there – but few that address the needs of women in business, and few that acknowledge how busy we are, and how little time we have to read, reflect and relax. Our goal is that Company will be THE resource to accelerate your success.

Company will be a cross between a newsletter and a magazine – we’ve fondly nicknamed it a “nag” and it will be more a mini-magazine. Why now? Well I have decided, if I don’t get on with it, it will all be too late, and just a lofty dream. So sink or swim, we’re off.

Stay tuned, it could be quite the ride!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Life is precious

Life isn’t fair to some people, some of the time. Take some close friends of my parents, a really great couple who had raised two daughters and enjoyed their four grandchildren.

Then one of the daughters suddenly gets sick with leukemia, and within six weeks has died. The shock of her death took its toll on her parents. I mean none of us expect our children to die before us. It’s the wrong order of things. But being brave and having each other, they survive and life begins to resume some normalcy when two years later, their second daughter has a massive heart attack and dies instantly. Having two daughters myself, I can’t even begin to imagine their pain, their loss.

Now today I learn, eight months after Angela’s death, that Muriel, her mother has died also. The cause isn’t known, but I suspect from a broken heart. How tough can life be. Now her husband has to soldier on, instead of enjoying his golden years with his loved ones. Sure makes you appreciate that we should live for the moment.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Taking Time to Play

Every May, Megan and I escape from Company of Women for a mini-retreat. We started this a couple of years ago, and have found it works well – for both of us.

When mother and daughter work together, it can be too easy to cross boundaries in our relationships – as mother-daughter, employer and employee. Besides, by the time we reach May – having co-ordinated at least four events a month since September, we have almost had enough. We know instinctively that it is time for a break – it refuels us so we can carry on and finish “our year” still being professional, friendly and willing to tackle whatever comes our way.

This year we went to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Just an hour drive from Oakville, it is amazing how quickly you can slip off the business shroud and don your play clothes.

Our rule – one Megan devised (can’t think why) is that we don’t talk business, and as Martha Stewart would say, this is a good thing. It allows us to slip back into our other and more important roles of mother-daughter. We enjoy each other’s company and of course, share a love of shopping so spending time together is not difficult, except maybe on the pocket book!

Just three days … and you feel totally different. I highly recommend a mini escape – be it one day or more - as it allows you to catch your breath, see things from a different perspective and get back to work on a more even keel.