Monday, September 05, 2011

Jack’s Legacy

Like many Canadians I watched Jack Layton’s funeral. It was a moving tribute to a man who represented and crusaded for ordinary people from all walks of life. Like his inclusivity when he was alive, the people who spoke, sang and performed at the service were all speaking to his warmth, passion and interest in equality for all.

No matter what your political stripe, people admired and respected Jack. He represented a type of politician that we rarely, unfortunately, see – someone who was honest, treated everyone with respect and valued the opinions of others. He was authentic.

You just hope that his legacy will live on and that the politicians in the audience listened, reflected on his message and determined to change the way they do business. Like many, I am tired of the hostility, game-playing and manipulation that has become an integral part of politics today.

Too much time is spent trying to win a point, to score a slight against an opponent, instead of finding ways to work together, to improve Canada and to focus on what is important.

We need hope, optimism and love. We need Jack’s vision to live on. We need to be proud to be Canadians.

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