Thursday, March 31, 2011

An attitude of gratitude

With having a social media intern, I have become much more aware of its impact and have been measuring just how well we are doing in this arena.

So I decided to check the stats on my blog. More people are reading it – thank you. There have been times when I’ve wondered if my blog through which I live out loud about what is happening in my life, is all in a cyber-space vacuum that no one sees.

But what I did find interesting was that my most popular blog was the one I wrote about having a bad day which could indicate several things.

1. People love it when someone else is having a bad time
2. It is much easier for us to focus on the negative rather than the positive
3. My readers could relate to what I was saying
4. All of the above

As someone who is the eternal optimist and one who prefers to focus on the positive, I’d like to think it was number 3. We all have bad days, bad weeks, bad years actually, and perhaps writing about it is cathartic. Having a good vent, helps alleviate some of the frustrations and tensions. And being authentic, it is good to show that all is not always well in the Day/Company of Women camp.

I had to re-read that particular blog to remind myself of why it was so bad. And you know what, in the scheme of things, particularly in light of what is happening in the world, having to cancel a meeting and struggling with computer issues is really not up there in the list of disasters.

All of which leads me to say, that we need to gain perspective, roll with the punches and not take ourselves so seriously.

Let’s face it, we all have bad days, but there is always tomorrow, which for thousands of people in Japan, is not the case. Let’s be grateful for what we have.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting over the imposter syndrome

This week I did my interview on the Extraordinary Women TV Show with Shannon Skinner and I am sure you have all been waiting with bated breath to learn what I decided was my proudest moment in my career ☺

Actually it wasn’t easy but after exploring the options with Megan, she helped me clarify for myself what it was – winning the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. I selected this one because I never, ever expected to win, did not have an acceptance speech ready and I valued the recognition from people that I admire and respect. I felt validated.

Like many other women, there are times when I have felt an imposter; that people will catch me and my secret will be out – that I am not really the successful business woman I appear to be.

It is that self-doubt that can hold us back, especially if we become paralyzed in fear.
There is nothing wrong with “faking it until you make it.” And for many of us, that is exactly what we have to do, especially when we are working in a male-dominated arena.

I always remember fashion icon Linda Lundstrom sharing that when she got the call to advise her that she’d won the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, she thought they’d got the wrong number. A man, she observed, would more be asking why it took them so long to recognize his talents?

Getting back to the interview. It went well, I think. See what I mean. Certainly after a few minutes, I totally forgot about the cameras which may or may not be good thing – time will tell. I haven’t seen the show yet but we will put it up on the site once we do.

So did you come up with your proudest moment?

Monday, March 14, 2011

What are you proud of?

That’s a question I have been asked for my interview on the Extraordinary Women online TV show which is being broadcast live on Tuesday.

Tough one isn’t it. Having been on this planet sixty years now, I’ve seen and done a lot.

I could talk about my family – my daughters and my husband of 38 years or my focus could be more on business. Over the years, I have been involved in starting several organizations for women and children. I am proud of the difference these programs and services continue to make in the lives of families.

Or should I go more personal and talk about my resiliency while coping with cancer and the night I decided to bare all and told the women at Company of Women what was happening with me?

And then there’s always my new book, Day by Day.

All of which goes to say, that I have lived a very full life and have few regrets. So stay tuned – it’s

And think about it – what would your answer be? Some days, to be honest, it is just about getting up and getting on with life.

Friday, March 04, 2011


I have had a wonderful week celebrating my birthday. I think as we get older we should recognize these milestones.

It started on Tuesday with my “I’m not sixty” birthday party when 20 girlfriends joined us for a girl-fest which was fun. Instead of gifts, I’d asked my friends to donate money towards a grants program I plan to start at Company of Women. Thanks to their generosity we raised $500.

Then Wednesday, THE actual day, I treated myself to some pampering at the spa, followed by lunch with a girlfriend and later dinner with my husband. Then Thursday saw my daughter’s birthday and yet another round of celebrations.

I think I am more troubled by her turning 32 than becoming sixty myself. It seems just yesterday that I was waddling, two weeks overdue, into the restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Boy did we get good service that night – they couldn’t wait to get us out of there for fear I would give birth right on the spot!

Where does the time go? We’ve had fun this week reflecting back on memories of the past. I have known some of my friends for over 30 years and we’ve been through a lot together – good and bad times – but I feel fortunate to have such long-standing friendships.

I even got a card from an old school friend in Scotland – now I’ve known her for 55 years - and I was touched she’d remembered my birthday after all these years. With the recent death of my dear friend Dianne I am reminded of how important our friendships are. They are our touchstones – with each other and ourselves.

Don’t let your business swallow up all your time and energy, because in the end it is our relationships that matter.