Thursday, November 22, 2007

Amazing Women

Did you know that the person who started the Hospital for Sick Children, was a mom in her twenties? Pretty impressive for the times. As were the other women and stories we heard at the luncheon to celebrate Canada’s 100 most powerful women.

But perhaps the most impressive were from the youngest and oldest in the group. Young Hannah Taylor, 12 who had to stand on a box to reach the microphone, captured the audience with her charm and amazing confidence as she shared why she had started a charity to support the homeless. We need to clone her enthusiasm, caring and compassion because if we did, the world would be a much better place.

At the other end of the spectrum, we heard from Mayor Hazel McCallion, 86 who cracked jokes and spoke passionately about the need to have more women in politics.

Several of the women honoured were past speakers at Company of Women and we congratulate them all.

Monday, November 19, 2007

All grown up

Last week marked a special moment in my career as a mother. We bought my daughter’s wedding dress. And we did so without any disagreement, both selecting the same dress and agreeing – this was THE one. She looks beautiful – young, fresh and poised, ready for her new life with her partner.

“Did you cry?” my friends asked. I didn’t but seeing her in her dress, made me realize our relationship is going to change. No question now, she’s grown up and growing away. She’s starting a new and exciting stage in her life.

But isn’t that what motherhood is all about – we raise our children to give them wings - the confidence and courage to make their own way in the world. And we accept them for who they are.

There may be some of you questioning why I write about this in a business blog, but I would argue that we are women and mothers first, business owners second.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


This morning we had fun and games with the GPS in my car. I am not used to it, so thought I would test it when I was going on a trip when I knew where I was going.

This GPS machine is single-minded, unlike other GPS systems where the voice will say re-calculating the route, this one was stuck on one route to reach our destination and I didn’t want to go that way. So at every turn, it was trying to get me to turn around and follow directions. Quite irritating actually.

But it made me think of what it is like when you start a business and need to be flexible. There’s no one route to success, and for some of us, we’ve made some detours on the way. We need the GPS that will recalculate the route and allow for us to make mistakes, take the wrong turning but still end up at the desired destination.

There’s mixed views on whether you need a business plan to successfully launch a business. I see it like a big journey – few of us would set off on an exciting trip across Canada say, without first checking a map. So why would you set off on a business venture without doing the same.

I’m not saying you have to have a 80-page document, but when you put your goals down on paper, do some homework and give some thought to how you are going to build your business, you give yourself a head start on reaching your destination.

What do you think?