Friday, March 04, 2011


I have had a wonderful week celebrating my birthday. I think as we get older we should recognize these milestones.

It started on Tuesday with my “I’m not sixty” birthday party when 20 girlfriends joined us for a girl-fest which was fun. Instead of gifts, I’d asked my friends to donate money towards a grants program I plan to start at Company of Women. Thanks to their generosity we raised $500.

Then Wednesday, THE actual day, I treated myself to some pampering at the spa, followed by lunch with a girlfriend and later dinner with my husband. Then Thursday saw my daughter’s birthday and yet another round of celebrations.

I think I am more troubled by her turning 32 than becoming sixty myself. It seems just yesterday that I was waddling, two weeks overdue, into the restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Boy did we get good service that night – they couldn’t wait to get us out of there for fear I would give birth right on the spot!

Where does the time go? We’ve had fun this week reflecting back on memories of the past. I have known some of my friends for over 30 years and we’ve been through a lot together – good and bad times – but I feel fortunate to have such long-standing friendships.

I even got a card from an old school friend in Scotland – now I’ve known her for 55 years - and I was touched she’d remembered my birthday after all these years. With the recent death of my dear friend Dianne I am reminded of how important our friendships are. They are our touchstones – with each other and ourselves.

Don’t let your business swallow up all your time and energy, because in the end it is our relationships that matter.

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Cheryl Ambrose said...

Happy Birthday, Anne! Sixty is the new forty. I'll be joining your ranks in three months, and I must admit, I feel some smug satisfaction knowing that I've made it this far and I've still got a bit of life in me. Most days.