Monday, March 14, 2011

What are you proud of?

That’s a question I have been asked for my interview on the Extraordinary Women online TV show which is being broadcast live on Tuesday.

Tough one isn’t it. Having been on this planet sixty years now, I’ve seen and done a lot.

I could talk about my family – my daughters and my husband of 38 years or my focus could be more on business. Over the years, I have been involved in starting several organizations for women and children. I am proud of the difference these programs and services continue to make in the lives of families.

Or should I go more personal and talk about my resiliency while coping with cancer and the night I decided to bare all and told the women at Company of Women what was happening with me?

And then there’s always my new book, Day by Day.

All of which goes to say, that I have lived a very full life and have few regrets. So stay tuned – it’s

And think about it – what would your answer be? Some days, to be honest, it is just about getting up and getting on with life.

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