Sunday, December 06, 2009

Do you have super staff?

We have a small but mighty team in our office. There’s three of us and while it is often hectic and demanding, especially when we’re doing nine events a month, I like to think we have fun.

So I was interested to read Brian Scudmore’s recent article in PROFIT magazine in which he identifies the seven traits of super staff.

The first was cultural fit – i.e. hiring people who share your core values. I know from previous workplaces, when you don’t share the same end goals, it’s hard to work together.

This leads nicely into the next trait a shared vision. You have to be using the same road map to be sure you all reach the right destination.

Scudmore in his third trait – fire within – believes that you can’t motivate someone to perform, they have to have it inside them. “Motivation, he says, comes from within and for it to be long lasting, there has to be a fire burning inside that drives someone beyond what any amount of money can.”

Setting goals is another trait. Look for people who on a routinely set clear goals and achieve them, he advises.

As the captain of your ship, you set the tone and atmosphere. A sunny outlook is key and Scudmore specifically “looks for people who are optimistic, positive and the see the potential in the company and its people.” We all know what it is like when you have someone negative in your midst – they can dampen enthusiasm quicker than anything.

Tenacity is the sixth trait and in our current economy, we’ve all needed a steady dose of this quality. You need people who will rise to the challenge.And last but not least, your staff need to have the ability to have fun.

In our office we have an ongoing joke about the way we can rapidly change conversation, making it hard sometimes to follow the train of thought. So following the lead from one of our speakers, Carole Bertuzzi Luciani, who poked fun at women’s conversations, we got a bell, which we ding whenever the topic has changed. May sound silly, but it creates a few laughs and helps us not to take ourselves too seriously.

Bottom line, none of us get to be successful on our own. We need a strong team behind us, no matter the size so it behooves us to take the time and hire people who fit the bill, who have these traits and can help you move your business to the next level.

I am lucky – I may have only two staff – but they have all these traits in spades.

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