Friday, December 11, 2009

Winning Women

I always remember Linda Lundstrom saying that when she got the call to say she’d won the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, she was sure they’d dialed the wrong number. Now a man, she jokingly added, would more likely ask what took them so long, but as women we doubt ourselves, even as we move forward to win prestigious awards.

Now that was several years ago, and clearly our view of ourselves has not changed because Cora Tsouflidou was just as quick to say that she often felt an imposter who would soon be found out.

It was so exciting to be at the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Awards Gala this week, where two of our members – Cora Tsouflidou of Cora’s Breakfast and Lunch and the gals from Mabel’s Labels won the awards in their category.

How many organizations can boast two out of the five winners as members?? And a third winner who was a speaker at our 2009 conference. Now we’re not taking any credit for their success – they did that themselves, but it does to speak to the caliber of members at Company of Women.

As I listened to the acceptance speeches, there were some common themes: Several of the winners came from humble backgrounds but they recognized that this gave them the determination to succeed. All had a dream and the tenacity to turn that dream into a reality, refusing to take “no” as an answer. Often mothers were mentioned as role models and advocates which speaks to how we all have a responsibility to raise our daughters to believe they can achieve anything they want.

My congratulations once again to Cora, Julie, Julie, Tricia and Cynthia – we’re all so proud of you.

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