Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year! 2010 - For the past few years, 2010 has been touted as the year by which there should be one million women entrepreneurs in Canada. Hard to believe we are here already.

That’s the good news. The bad news is we still are not as successful we could and should be. Why is that? In part I believe it is because our ideas of success are different to those of our male counterparts. So many of us start a business not with the goal of making lots of money, but more buying ourselves more control over our lives.

We also tend to be risk-adverse and not comfortable taking that monumental leap to the next level if it means putting what we have in jeopardy. As a gender we’re cautious, preferring to do our homework and not step over the edge. And yet, often that is what needs to happen to move ahead.

So what does 2010 have in store for you? Part of answering that question requires that you look back on 2009 and your learnings from that year. What worked and is worth repeating, and what failed and should be left in the past? Loaded questions, but taking the time to answer them should be illuminating if you are honest with yourself.

The new year is a time of reflection, a time to set goals – both business and personal – and a time to start afresh, grow, plan and move forward with confidence that you will succeed at whatever you set your sights on.

It’s 2010 and we are in good company. I wish you a successful, fulfilling year as you grow both professionally and personally.

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