Sunday, October 29, 2006

Well I am still living a double life. Receptionist by day at my friend’s salon, business owner by night – probably not unlike many of the Company of Women members who have day jobs while they build their businesses on the side.

It’s a full and tiring life isn’t it. I have new admiration for those of you who do this on an ongoing basis. But I have to say there are aspects of being the receptionist that are quite fun. One elderly lady told me I was doing a great job, and believing I was just a temp (true) and looking for a job (not true), touched my arm and told me she thought I’d get snapped up, and not to worry about finding work. Good to know.

Most of the clients have been quite charming and I have enjoyed the interaction with them, but just as in any business there have been a few who have been less respectful and demanding, believing your only role in life is to serve them.

I’ve even mastered the computer program so hey – I can add this to my resume. But most important of all, I’d like to think that I’ve been there to support my friend. It’s scary starting a new business and I know for myself, having friends around to give you a boost, helps you get through the day. It’s also good to have someone to bounce off ideas as while the end decision rests with the business owner, getting input and encouragement, makes you feel less alone.

So as we recruit a full time receptionist for the salon, and my stint ends, I know I am going to miss my “regulars.” Being with and helping people reminds me of the part of Company of Women I like best – interacting with the women involved.

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