Sunday, October 29, 2006

We always imagine that someone who is successful, made a name for herself would never have self-doubts. Yet at the 10th ATHENA Gala, guest speaker, Susan Aglukark – Canadian singer and songwriter, shared that she often questioned whether she was talented enough to be successful. As her beautiful voice soared and she explained the meaning behind the songs she sang, there was little doubt in the audience that she not only had the talent, but had the wisdom and depth to succeed.

Why do we question ourselves? I was one of the organizers of that event, and behind the scenes a couple of things went wrong that potentially could have spoiled the evening. I had spent hours co-ordinating the event, making lists, checking the lists, and yet my first thought when each problem came up, was that I had somehow screwed up, I had forgotten something. As it was, we were able to resolve the situations and no, I was not to blame- the responsibility rested with others.

Keen to enhance my writing skills, I am reading a book that gives you different exercises to do to stretch yourself. One was to write for ten minutes on what I remember, and then on what I don’t remember; I know and I don’t know; and I am and I am not. Once again, I found the pen just flowed when it came to the negatives and I struggled more with coming up with the positives.

Ironically, our next breakfast meeting will focus on staying positive, managing our self-doubt – topics that the women in the group chose – so clearly I am not alone, and clearly I need to listen and take notes too!

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