Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm back. How was your September? Mine was a whirlwind which resulted in my silence. After the 60K walk, we plunged into programming with three major events in eight days. What was I thinking?! Clearly not enough to recognize that this would be a drain on our resources and our energy levels.

And if that wasn't enough, we've had our share of technical problems. My computer crashed (and died) leaving me bereft and all at sea for four, l-o-n-g days after which I had to grapple with new programs and you all know about me and learning curves!

Then there's the printers - our main one keeps asking for a change in personality - would gladly oblige if it meant we got one that co-operated, and our back-up printer is out of toner which Staples tells us is back-ordered until November! Even our Moneris printer has been coughing and spluttering So you get the gist... there's a black cloud over all that is technical in our office.

Talking of personalities - no, not the printer's - we've had our share of difficult people too. Must be the full moon or something. So all told, I'm glad to see October.

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