Monday, November 07, 2016

A walk in the dark

The darkness enveloped us.   Quietly we walked through the bushes, watching the ground below us as the path dipped and wove its way to our destination.

With candles and stars to guide us, we made our way slowly to the Labyrinth.  We were encouraged to focus on one thought – a mantra, question or concern.  

Single file, we walked through the labyrinth, all deep in our own thoughts.  No one spoke.

Curious as to what was the meaning behind a labyrinth, I did my homework. Apparently the seven circuits of the labyrinth correspond with the seven spheres of the sacred planets such as the seven days of the week.  Beginning to walk the circumference represents the involution and evolution of life and the quest for wholeness.  The winding pattern represents the circulation of vital energies within our bodies and walking the labyrinth has been described as a type of yoga.

You instinctively knew that you had to follow the same path in, and out.  No jumping over to get somewhere quicker.  It would have broken the spell and been disruptive to the walking meditation of others.

For several on our retreat it was a spiritual, meaningful experience, adding to a weekend which heightened everyone’s creativity and faith in themselves as writers.

We hadn’t planned to make this venture into the dark, but it strengthened the sense of trust we had in each other.  It sealed a bond between us, and without doubt was a highlight for many.

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Vesna Bailey said...

Great reflection of our experience. I was not familiar with the symbolism of a labyrinth prior to stepping into the stone edged paths, but as I progressed along the labyrinth paths, the 'meaning of a labyrinth' seemed to reveal itself gradually. It was awesome to experience this for my first time as part of a group, in the moon lit evening, and with candles. Thank-you for writing about it, Anne - something to hold on to!