Friday, May 13, 2016

When competition sparks creativity

This year I threw out a challenge to my chapter leaders to help me get raffle prizes for the conference on May 17.  Proceeds will be going to World Teacher Aid, a worthy cause that builds schools in Kenya.

Little did I know that when I threw down the gauntlet that they would, not only take it seriously, but get competitive about which chapter could pull together the best gift basket. Beyond encouraging them to get their chapter members involved, I gave few instructions.  I also asked them to name their collection.

As a result, between them they have raised over $5,000 in prizes.  Wow.  What is also interesting is that this whole exercise has brought people together and truly sparked their creativity.

Cheron, who is my leader in Winnipeg and just flying in for a couple of days,  is bringing with her a Greetings from the Prairies basket, with all things from out west.

In Simcoe, they asked the women to donate some of their favourite items, calling their basket Gifts from the Heart and the Niagara and Durham chapters are duking it out to see who has raised the most valuable basket.  Toronto and Halton are focusing on pampering which we all love (and deserve).

But the creativity prize needs to go to Anne who currently heads up the Waterloo-Wellington chapter.  She decided to take a more pro-active approach and headed off to downtown Guelph, and did a walking tour of all the stores that appeal to women or are women-owned. 

She not only collected a gift at each store, but gleaned some business wisdom from each of them. She then promised to provide a “Walk and Shop Guelph Tour Guide for Women,” which will be available at the conference and back at the stores. As a result, she has piqued the business owners’  interest in Company of Women and used this opportunity to spread the word about our organization.  Brilliant.

And then there’s the basket from Company of Women to which all the leaders donated.  Can you guess what it is?   A basket of wine.     Whoever wins it... the party is at your place.

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