Thursday, May 26, 2016

Plan for your trip, wherever you are headed…

With summer around the corner, many of us will be packing for a trip.  First thing I usually do is consider where I am going, what the temperature will be and what I am likely to be doing.  Will I need fancy clothes or are we going casual?  Should I pack warmer clothing just in case?

It will often take me days to sort stuff out, while I lecture myself on how long we are going away for and to travel light.  By the time I leave, I’ve sorted and re-sorted what I want to bring.  I’ve also tried clothes on to make sure they fit (often a depressing moment)  

I’ve done my homework, researched my destination and hopefully packed a few things to cope with any changes in plan.   I also try to leave some room in the suitcase, you know… just in case I spot something I want to buy.  If it is a road trip, I've got out the map to see how to get there.

All this for just one week away. 

Yet when we want to embark on the journey of business ownership, a long term deal, we sometimes don’t have a plan at all.  We have no real idea of where we are heading or how to get there.   At best we have read a few books, jotted down some ideas on paper, and then we’re off.

Little wonder that when we reach the first roadblock, we’re totally stumped, thrown off track and haven’t a clue what to do next.  It is all too easy to get lost, diverted by what comes our way.

Then there’s the extra luggage.  The baggage you haven’t dealt with like that little voice questioning you, sowing seeds of self doubt.   It is hard to pack for a trip if your luggage is already half full.  It doesn’t leave room for much else. You have to empty it to make room for the new opportunities down the road.

In fact, just like flying, you pay for extra luggage. There can be a hefty price tag.

In other words, whether you are planning a trip or a business launch, it is key to houseclean before you set off.   Otherwise, those dust bunnies (mental or otherwise) will leap out and bite you.

Set your mindset on success.  Plan for what could go wrong.  Be ready for whatever could come your way. 

While travelling these days is not always fun, especially by air, make the most of the journey and be prepared to take the scenic route because who knows what you might find there. 

And yes, travel light.  Get rid of the baggage that could hold you back.

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