Thursday, April 07, 2016

Live for today.

We are all going to die. But most of us think it will be later rather than sooner, but we could be wrong.  It could be tomorrow and we just don’t know it.

I am going down this path because a young family member, just 31, died recently following a brief but horrific battle with cancer.  That’s tough.   His dreams, ambitions and plans – all cruelly and abruptly ended – and not just for him,  but his family too.

As a parent, it is the wrong order of things.  As a wife, suddenly you are afloat alone  in the world, without your partner and your dreams of children are put on hold.  Maybe forever.

We can’t really prepare for the suddenness of death like this, but we can make sure that we live our lives to the fullest.

That realization was actually one of the gifts I received from having cancer, although I still go through times when I fret about stuff that just isn’t important in the scheme of things.

Take a look at what you want to do in life.  What is stopping you?  If you want to start a business or change what you are doing in your business – do it.  If you want to write a book, get started or if you want travel and see the world –set off.

Unfortunately we need these wake up calls on a regular basis, as we get complacent and stuck in the trenches of every day life.  Break free.  Make every minute count.

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Kate Kerr said...

Sorry to hear this news Anne, you are 100% right. Life is fleeting. The more we acknowledge our mortality, the more fully we can live our lives. Sending love.