Friday, April 29, 2016

Where have you received the best customer service lately?

I think I shocked everyone at the breakfast meeting with my response - “Canada Post.”

We have a small Canada Post outlet at our local Shoppers Drug Mart, where you can wait forever in line as this grumpy employee slowly serves you.  

So no, this was not where I received the great service.

I had several copies of One Red Lipstick to ship out and with time to spare ventured into the main post office in Guelph, where the two staff both worked on the best and cheapest way to ship the books out. 

They checked around and found the perfect size envelopes which were on sale if I bought a box.  They helped do the labels and generally got the books lovingly sent out.

One looked up my Venture One card number and wrote it down for me, so I could continue to access discounts.  As a result, saving me $5 a book compared to what “grumpy lady” had charged me. 

Now that was not only great service, but saved me money too.  In other words, they put the customer first.  They cared.  They also took an interest and where curious about the book and what it was about.

Here’s some of the conclusions we reached as we brainstormed about good customer service. 

  • ·      It’s about going that extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied – in fact when you wow them, you become memorable, like my ladies at Canada Post.

  • ·      It’s also about follow up, doing what you said you would do and when you said you would do it. 

  • ·      Taking an interest in your customer, remembering small details, tells them that you care.  

  • ·      Sending articles that might be of interest also keeps you top of mind.

  • ·      Hand-written notes to say thank you, especially if they make a referral.

My Canada Post ladies could just as easily just shipped the books out and charged me the highest price.  Instead, they took the time to work out what was best for me as the customer.  They put my needs first.   

Often we try to persuade customers to do what we want to offer, rather than looking at what they actually need.  When we listen and then deliver the goods, we all win.

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