Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I am a puppreneur

I have always had a lot of respect for the mompreneur, juggling infants/ children while running a business.  And I have sort of joined their ranks, but I am a puppreneur.

My days are currently spent working around this new addition to our household. It is said that puppies actually initially sleep 18 hours but the trouble with our guy is when those 18 hours occur:). Initially he declared the hours of 2.00-5.00am as "playtime". Now I am a morning person, but even this is a stretch.  So we've taken to trying to poop him out so he sleeps more at night and as I run down our long driveway with the dog, I am not sure just who I am tiring out - Brodie or me?  

As someone who is used to being in control of her life, I have suddenly found my life revolving around this " four on the floor" as one friend described him.  I am grabbing moments to work when he is asleep, and have moved my office temporarily to the main floor, so  I can keep an eye on him, but to be honest, it is not ideal.

Now I've had puppies before, and I knew it would be a rude awakening, but it is like when you have your second child and you are in labour again, and you say to yourself, how could I have forgotten???  Truth is, like having a baby, we just have to get through the pain to get to the gain.

Plus, I can now brag that I live in a gated community. With baby gates at every turn, I am really wishing I had longer legs as I try to stretch over the gates and land gracefully at the other side, but reality is I tend to make an ungainly landing.  Making a quick escape is not on the cards for any of us:)

But my, he is cute.  It was love at first sight. and watch for the business lessons I am bound to find as the new puppreneur.  Already I am learning patience, setting priorities and being sleep-deprived, I am cutting myself some slack.  Not bad for week one.

PS - I know the boots have to be removed:)

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Kathy Barthel said...

Oh my goodness Anne, he is soooo cute!!
I looked at that little face and laughed out loud over my morning oatmeal.:)
I am so looking forward to reading all about the new business insights you gain from him.
I'm thinking there may be another book in this....? ;)