Friday, July 11, 2014

I am being lazy and hazy this summer

I have just come back from two weeks of vacation.  It was such a welcome break. No phones. No emails. No people.  

Just my husband and I exploring Italy and all it had to offer, which was lots.

I had intentionally decided not to access email, although these days, despite the heavy roaming charges, that is easy to do.  

But that makes it too easy to slip back into work mode and have your mind consumed with business issues, instead of just relaxing and enjoying all that the vacation affords you.

I remember doing that on a previous holiday and suddenly finding myself sucked back into the business vortex and worrying about stuff that could and would wait.

My challenge now is I am back, and as I jokingly said to a friend, I don’t want to be back.  I am not ready to jump into the fray again. One of the joys of being a business owner, is I don’t have to.  I can determine my working hours and shape how my day runs, well, as much as anyone can.

So I am on summer hours. Yes, I will check my emails – but once a day – not continuously. Yes, I will do some writing and yes, I will start to formulate my program plans - in my head - but that’s it. 

No heavy business meetings, no time-consuming discussions that go nowhere.  I plan to be strategic with my time, and only do what I need to do,  to coast for July or what I love to do.

It is a shame we can’t do this year round.  Think what fun it would be – just doing what you want to do, and when you want to do it.  Who knows, maybe you can – I just have never tried.  But it sure is tempting…

I know that when I open the door to September, it will come flooding in.

What about you?  How is your summer shaping up?

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Linda Sztanko said...

I too am taking some time soon to get away.. head to the cottage and turn off and tune out the world.. YES it will be a little crazy when I get back.. BUT SO WORTH IT... We all need a little R&R now and then..