Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We're expecting...

We all likely know of someone who has had an “oops” baby sprung on her.  You know the story - she’s raised her kids, they’re teenagers and instead of being in menopause, as she thought, she’s pregnant again.

Now that must be a shock to the system and a huge adjustment, because you are SO out of babies, and have enough challenges with your adolescents, who are likely totally embarrassed by the whole thing.

Wondering where I am going with this?  Don’t worry, I don’t have “exciting” news to share,  since I am in my sixties, that would be a miracle, never mind a shock!

I started on this train of thought, because next month we will be bringing home a cute puppy and it is has been 16 years since I have gone through the puppy stage.  Memories however are flashing back, and I am beginning to think I am nuts to be doing this again.  Sleepless nights, house-training, chewed shoes… bit like having a baby again, which is where I came in.

But I have chosen this.  Our last dog died last year.  He was sixteen and quite the personality.  His name was Henry and there was something regal about him.  But he was a terrible thief.  If you went to his crate to inspect it, right at the back you’d find all sorts – cutlery, books, food containers – empty of course.  

When he was young he would eat anything – he even ate money ($20 bills), socks, my marriage certificate which gave the girls cause to ask if that meant their Dad and I were now divorced.  No, but it sure was a hassle trying to get another copy out of the UK and explaining why.

And as for when we had guests, he felt he was entitled to tuck in too.  He had quite the sweet tooth, and being a big dog, (an English Setter) could reach the dining table and in a flash, inhale a complete dessert.  As for chocolate, it is supposed to be poisonous to dogs, but not for our guy.  So Easter was a real challenge, as he would find the hidden eggs before anyone else, and eat them, complete with foil wrapper.

Yes, as I write this, I am asking myself if I am ready to get into the fray again.  Everyone had been nagging me about getting another dog, but I was holding out.  To be honest, after 28 years of having a dog, I was enjoying my freedom of not having to be back by a certain time to let the dog out.

So what changed my mind?  We live on a farm, and a farm without a dog seems incomplete. I am secretly hoping that the dog will make me change my work habits, and force me to get outdoors, exercise and just play.  Judging by the excitement in our household, he will also bring additional joy.  Yes, I know… there’s hard work too and give me a few months, and we will see whether I’ve changed my tune.  But right now, I see the dog as my personal anti-aging strategy and I am looking forward to the changes he will bring into our lives.


Donna Messer - Queen of Networking said...

I'm looking forward to meeting the new addition and to hearing what it's like to be a "new mom" again. I've done it several times through Dog Guides of Canada, and while it is work, it's definitely worth the effort. Two of my babies didn't make it into the program and had to stay with us as family, not service dogs.

Unknown said...

I love this story about Henry. What a good guy he was.

Unknown said...

Very exciting, Ann! Yes, a new puppy can definitely be work, AND no doubt will bring about a lot of joy. And excuses to get outside are always good!

I hope you're enjoying your vacation!