Saturday, November 02, 2013

Trust is a value to be treasured

With the headlines and recent proceedings in government, it is hard to ignore this climate of mistrust that is surfacing as a result.

While I usually try to avoid getting into politics, there have been some valuable lessons to learn from watching Harper in action, in terms of how to avoid and evade difficult questions.   

It actually reminds me of the comments author Stephen Shapiro made recently in that, we often ask the wrong questions.  I certainly found that to be true when I had teenagersJ  

But back to the business lessons because when truth is stretched, trust is lost, and it is very hard to win it back.

I am sure many of us can think of times when people have let us down, led us down the garden path or just disappointed us with their lack of integrity. People do business with people they know and trust.   So if you misuse or abuse that trust, it is quite likely that the relationship will go sour and you will lose that order or contract. 

Also when trust is gone and someone does something questionable, it does lead you to ask what else is being hidden?  What else is the person not ‘fessing up to?  It is very hard to repair that damage, all of which speaks to being honest and upfront in all your dealings.

 Honest, ethical behaviour is important to me.  Break that trust, and sorry, you’re toast.


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