Saturday, November 16, 2013

Are you passionate about your business?

Does your face light up when you talk about your business? 

Having a passion for what you are doing makes such a difference, especially given the number of hours you have to dedicate to your business for it to be successful.

Recently a young friend was telling me about her business plans, and ever -ready to offer assistance and foster entrepreneurship in young people, I was in there like a ‘dirty shirt’ making suggestions and offering support to help her make this happen.

So I arranged for her to meet a friend, a business expert and coach, thinking this would help her crystalize her ideas.  She arrived ready to talk about her business plans, and left with a totally different perspective, and lots to think about and consider.

Why?  Because unlike me who took her concept at face value, my friend challenged her on why she wanted to do this and asked probing questions about her life, her relationships and her passions.  

It quickly became clear that her business idea, was just that - an idea – one of many, and not really her true passion.  It was when her face lit up that we identified that this passion and a new relationship, was what she needed to pursue.

Because as we all know, ithout the passion and right people behind you, it is harder to make it work.

It was an interesting afternoon for all of us.  While my friend left with her head likely spinning with the options available to her; I realized that I need to learn to ask more questions and not just assume that the person knows what is best for her,  because perhaps she doesn’t.

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Sara said...

Anne, you are no dirty shirt! You have me cracking up over here in New Zealand with that comment but I do understand that you do like to help. You do have great tips, and so glad you continue to assists others when you can. Hope all is well!!