Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beyond the Writing

When I was pregnant I remember focusing so much on getting through the childbirth, that I gave little thought to what happens after the delivery.  

Likewise, I put all my energies into writing my book and getting the message right, that I paid little attention to how we were going to sell and market the book, once it was published.

In fact, in my book  Day to Day – Tales of business, life and everything in between, I compare starting a business with motherhood.  As in both instances you can go through such a wide range of emotions, from joy and excitement to out and out fear and self-doubt that you are not up for the role – be it as a parent or as an entrepreneur. Well I now want to add publishing a book to being similar to giving birth. 

In fact, authoring a book is a whole new career and for us creative types, sales is not always our forte.  Truth be told, it makes me downright uncomfortable.  I can do a great job selling and marketing other people’s products, but my own – and my own book about myself to boot, it is just not happening very easily. 

 Silly really because I know I have an important message to share.  It is almost as if I expect people to know this through osmosis and buy the book anyway.  And I have heard from those who have bought it, that it is a good read, which is reassuring and good to know.

So trust me all you would-be authors, just like childbirth, writing the book is just the beginning.  It’s a whole new world out there and I, for one, am taking toddler steps as I learn the ropes.    

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Marcia Barhydt said...

Anne, I understand what you're going through. I'm just about finished my 2nd book and I still only market my first book at networking meetings.

How about a workshop on how to market our books once they're finished?