Thursday, March 25, 2010


A study of young Canadian girls ages eight to twelve found that 51% want to own their own company of one day, and more than 54% were optimistic that nothing could stand in the way of their dreams.

This is good news, but look at their ages. Will they still be thinking the same way once they are teenagers or later on when they hit the workplace?

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Women in Leadership conference put on by Rotman business students for Rotman business students. It was an impressively organized event and kudos to the students for running such an exciting, energizing and inspiring day.

One of the speakers was giving advice to the young women, and as I listened, I thought it had much relevance for all of us, no matter the age. Here are her ten tips for a successful life:

1. Think about yourself. Ask what am I built to do.
2. Focus on your strengths – hire your weaknesses
3. Recognize opportunity
4. Have negative friends? Find new ones
5. Think, speak and act positively
6. Create a strategy for your business and your life
7. Get out there and fail – it’s OK
8. Master the golden rule of networking – give
9. Build your brand
10. Find a mentor

Perhaps if our young eight to twelve year olds understand these rules, they have a good chance of realizing their dreams.

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Mitch Matthews said...

Great stuff! I'm going to link to this next week. Love the statistic and love the words of wisdom. Thanks! Mitch