Monday, March 22, 2010


I have spent this past week interviewing for a new staff position in our office. It’s an entry level job, and we are not paying a lot, yet we received over 65 applications, and continue to receive them on a daily basis.

Says a lot about the economy I guess. We wanted someone part time, but I suspect that many of the people applying really wanted full time and would likely just take our job as a stop gap which is definitely not what I wanted. Gone are the days when someone stays a decent time, making it worthwhile to train and invest in them.

If any of you reading this are looking for a job – here’s some pointers that might help you land an interview:

1. Always, always send a cover letter
2. Check the job advertisement, and if a name is provided, address your letter
to that person
3. Avoid saying Dear Sir or Madam
4. Check for spelling mistakes or typos
5. Keep your resume short – 2 pages maximum
6. Tie your strengths and skills to those mentioned in the advertisement

These days many of us interviewing will use behavioral/experiential questions. Think of some examples ahead of time that will showcase your strengths, so that when you’re asked to demonstrate a point, you have the answer right there and are not stumped.

The good news is that we found someone who I think will be great and she starts next week.

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