Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Recently I hired a business coach. Being accountable to someone, having to report in each week sure makes you get on with stuff that’s been on your “to do” list for ages. I have my homework and on the whole, I’ve been a “good girl” and got it done, but not all of it and that is when you have to ask yourself why, what is holding you back?

We reached the conclusion that my avoidance was more to do with my priorities and my preference to focus on activities that excite me. Good to know, and so now we are tackling the project differently and working to involve others in the process, so the outcome is not hinging on me.

In reality this is probably a better approach anyway, as then others have some ownership in the end result, and I get to draw on their expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to make it happen.

It’s all too easy to think it all has to revolve around yourself, when in reality, if your business is going to grow you have to delegate, you need to involve others and you have to let go. I’m a work in a progress. Stay tuned.

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