Monday, March 16, 2009

Telling your Story

Can you think of an adjective that describes you or your business? Can you now think of a story you could tell that would prove it? Sounds simple, but it is not as easy as it sounds, as women in our workshop Telling Your Story found out.

So often we talk in jargon and don’t drill down enough to get to the core ingredient of our success story. And when we really don’t feel that passionate about what we are doing, that sure shows through when we try to talk about it.

It was when Liz Radzick, the workshop leader, selected a couple of women to illustrate how to do it, that you could see the difference. Asking difficult questions, forcing them to move out of their comfort zone, Liz moved the stories from technical and long-winded, to passionate and interesting, and physically you could see the difference as the women became more comfortable and confident in what they were saying.

It’s good to have some success stories in your back pocket, so that next time when someone asks you how business is, instead of saying busy, busy, busy which tells you nothing, you can tell a story that illustrates how invaluable your services are.

Just listing the features of what you do no longer cuts it in this competitive marketplace, you need to grab their attention. Tell a story that makes it clear how using your services, programs or products will be of benefit.

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