Monday, June 25, 2007


We all have dreams that we want to realize, and often it takes us longer than we think to get there.

But a few weeks ago, I shared my dream with several women who are part of Company of Women and with their help, it is becoming a reality.

I have always enjoyed writing – real stuff – not fiction – but the facts of life. When I look back, I was even the editor of the school newsletter so it really should come as no surprise, that writing, sharing our truths and finding our voices are very much part of my future as well as my past.

So what’s the dream? To produce a publication that is meaningful to women; that gives you the information, tools and a touch of reality (and humour) to help you succeed and realize your dreams. The other weekend, we had the first meeting of a group of women who will be writing for Company – a new publication we plan to launch in September.

Sure, there are other publications out there – but few that address the needs of women in business, and few that acknowledge how busy we are, and how little time we have to read, reflect and relax. Our goal is that Company will be THE resource to accelerate your success.

Company will be a cross between a newsletter and a magazine – we’ve fondly nicknamed it a “nag” and it will be more a mini-magazine. Why now? Well I have decided, if I don’t get on with it, it will all be too late, and just a lofty dream. So sink or swim, we’re off.

Stay tuned, it could be quite the ride!

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