Monday, July 09, 2007


I met with Andrew Patricio from Biz Launch ostensibly to explore ways that we could work together in providing training and support for would-be women entrepreneurs.

I had heard Andrew talk at a women’s conference and was impressed with what I saw and heard. He clearly knew his stuff and from the stories he told, was truly supportive of women entrepreneurs. So I contacted him to suggest a meeting. It took us a while to find a mutually convenient time, but we persevered and we met at Andrew’s Mississauga office – Starbucks.

As we familiarized each other with the programs and services we offered, it was clear that we were working with similar groups, albeit at different levels as BizLaunch delivers workshops across Canada for Staples and Company of Women is based in the GTA.

When I initiated the meeting, my goal was to look at how BizLaunch could help my members and other women build and grow their businesses. I never expected that the main focus of our discussion would be on how to build and grow mine!

Like other entrepreneurs, there are times when you feel you are working in a vacuum not sure if you are moving in the right direction or making the right moves. My conversation with Andrew was a real boost as he enthused about all that we have done in Company of Women to date and encouraged me to think bigger.

I left that meeting on a real high – pumped and ready to take on the world! So thank you Andrew – for your time, your suggestions and your frank comments.

PS If you are looking for training and support – check out

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Andrew said...

You are doing a great job.