Monday, June 11, 2007

Life is precious

Life isn’t fair to some people, some of the time. Take some close friends of my parents, a really great couple who had raised two daughters and enjoyed their four grandchildren.

Then one of the daughters suddenly gets sick with leukemia, and within six weeks has died. The shock of her death took its toll on her parents. I mean none of us expect our children to die before us. It’s the wrong order of things. But being brave and having each other, they survive and life begins to resume some normalcy when two years later, their second daughter has a massive heart attack and dies instantly. Having two daughters myself, I can’t even begin to imagine their pain, their loss.

Now today I learn, eight months after Angela’s death, that Muriel, her mother has died also. The cause isn’t known, but I suspect from a broken heart. How tough can life be. Now her husband has to soldier on, instead of enjoying his golden years with his loved ones. Sure makes you appreciate that we should live for the moment.

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