Thursday, May 25, 2017

Where's Wilma?

I was meeting a friend for coffee this week and somehow we got onto the topic of women on boards, women on panels, and women in IT.

It sparked a discussion about how we should start a game, like where’s Waldo? But instead it would be where’s Wilma?  

Because more and more, despite the moves forward that we have made, there are still too few women on boards, in leadership positions and when groups have experts to speak on business topics, for example, few women can be found.

Now at Company of Women it is the reverse.  I only choose women speakers and experts, because I firmly believe we have comparable skills, and I want to role model women in roles of responsibility and sharing their expertise.

So Brenda and I are launching a #wherearethewomen? campaign.  Join us.  Every time you see something -  a poster or announcement - that showcases men but no women – fire off a post with this hashtag.

It’s a small way we can make our point and get the message out that we’re watching, we’re taking notice and we want our voices heard.

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