Thursday, May 18, 2017

Make time to work ON your business

Between the conference and the launch of our new book Good Enough, I’ve been really busy working IN my business, knowing only too well, that I needed to spend time ON the business.

Where do I see the business going?  What’s our vision moving forward? How is the business evolving?  Do we need to change up what we are doing?   

Good questions for you to ask yourself too.

To help me I hired a consultant to walk and guide me through the process, and then held several planning sessions with the key members of my team as well as strong supporters who brought an objective perspective to the conversation.

But I still hadn’t really sat down to digest and reflect on all that’s been said and the recommendations in place.  Until today.

We were having work done at the farmhouse and I had to vacate the premises for four hours.  I didn’t have access to a computer, so I was back to paper and pen but I used that time to regroup, to think about what’s unfolded through all these planning sessions and what I  liked, wanted to continue, and what we could perhaps drop.

I highly recommend doing this because when you start to look at what you want to start, continue and stop – it makes your choices and direction much clearer.

 I have this tendency to keep adding to the menu, and in some ways, maybe I still am, but the key difference is the “stop” component. M y major conclusion is that I have to stop.  I have to stop being involved in every detail of what is offered.  I have to stop doing the admin behind the scenes (I suck at it) and I have to stop thinking it all relies on me, because it doesn’t.

I now have a great team, who all get what we are trying to achieve and why.  They are authentic, real and genuinely want to help women.  That makes a huge difference, as we are all on the same page, each bringing our unique talents to the organization.

I am excited about where we are heading.  Our new direction will, I believe, positively impact more women.  Stay tuned.

And take my advice, try to eke out time alone to reflect on your business. 

It’s worth it.  You’re worth it.

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