Friday, February 03, 2017

Real connection wins the day

This has been a week of extremes – with amazing highs and disappointing lows.  As I sit to write my blog, a day late, which is an indication in itself of my week, I decide to focus on the highs, because focusing on the negatives, just pulls you further down and gets you nowhere.

The Rhyze Academy is a project of Innovation Guelph, through which 40 women who either have a business or want to start one, are taken through a nine-month course led by volunteer facilitators.    My month was January.

Initially I was asked if I could talk on work-life-balance.  Go ahead laugh. I did. There was no way I could present on that topic.  For those who don’t know me, I am the energizer bunny.  No. So instead I facilitated the group through the Personality Dimensions process so they could better understand themselves and those around them. 

While we are all a rainbow, our personalities are shaped by whether we are a blue, orange, gold and green.   We had fun.  This week I threw in an exercise where the women had to pitch to the other colours and it was fascinating at how creative they got as they tried to sell a new diet product.

One woman stood out.  She was marketing this beer that helped you lose weight with such aplomb that I had to ask her what business she was in.  A naturopath.  As I joked with her, she had a career in sales waiting for her if she ever wanted to go there.

As the women connected and enjoyed the exercises, I felt warm inside.  This is what it is all about.  Bringing people together.  Having fun and building community. It is what I have always loved about Company of Women.

Later in the week Laurie Hunt and I brought the women who are in the Company of Women mentoring program together to meet face to face for the first time.  In their pairs, they set goals and determined how they were going to work together.   On a much smaller scale, I could see the same thing happening.  The women were connecting on a deeper, authentic level.

So my big take away from this week is that when you are authentic, when you genuinely take an interest in another person, you can make a difference.

It’s not about money. It’s not about competition.

It’s about connection and collaboration.  It’s about being real and doing what you are meant to be doing. And for me, that means Company of Women.

Maybe we need the tough stuff so we can come to realize what is important to us and to be grateful for the opportunity we have to do what we love. 

So thank you ladies for filling my cup.   You made my week special. 


Patricia Milland said...

Congratulations on going higher! What goes around, comes around. I am proud to know you and to have had the opportunity to work you with in the past. Bless Company of Women...and you.

Corinne Steel Gillespie said...

Take credit a little here too! You have opened up spaces where women CAN collaborate and be authentic with each other. Thanks for that Anne!

Wendy Sammut said...

Beautifully written Anne, thank you. I am happy to be a part of this group and it is that sense of collaboration and authenticity that drew me in. Here's to an awesome and inspiring 2017!

Unknown said...


Loved this article, and so glad you chose to focus on the highs, as you have some important reminders.
Indeed, it's about being authentic, genuinely taking interest in others, and enjoying connections and collaborations.

Cheers to you continuing to make YOUR difference in the world.

Doris Olafsen said...

And dear dear have just made my morning bright out here in Vancouverland.

Thank you for not just speaking and writing but also living the words on the page. Thank you for your kindness and your mentoring over the years, formally & informally, to those of who try to do likewise.

Anne, you have so much to give to so many.

My hope for you this day is that as you march off to Ottawa, okay, fly or drive off to the capital that you will go knowing that your day to day reality, that which you have been witness to and part of is true and that is your message.

Now you go girl knowing you were destined for this next major Mentoring moment, for all women and especially those of us living in the true north strong & free.

Joyful this morning to call you my friend,