Thursday, January 26, 2017

Watch your speed

Ever since I got a speeding ticket last year (first ever), driving down one of our rural roads too fast, I have been forced to watch my driving speed, for fear of edging over and getting another one.  I’ve also started to pay more attention to the change in speed limits, instead of racing along oblivious. 

How fast do you drive?  Are you someone who ignores the speed signs and just goes, or do you stay cautiously within the limit, always aware of the limits set?  

Or are you someone who speeds up when you need to, but generally sticks to the rules.

You could say that my driving was a bit like the way I was running my business last year, in that I would forge full speed ahead with a new idea, without always checking my surroundings for warning signs that I needed to slow down.

I would embark on a new idea, set it in motion and then find out what I needed to give more thought to as we went along.  No caution. No recognition that I might need to know more before going off full tilt.  After all, I was a woman of action.   If I liked the concept, I was in.

Now in some ways, this is a good thing.  I wouldn’t be trying to perfect stuff before setting off, nor would I be second-guessing myself.  I would just go for it, and do my best.

But like the speeding ticket, sometimes I’d get caught out.  Sometimes it might have been better if I had slowed down before making big decisions or offers.  The outcome could have been different if I had noticed the signs along the way that this venture was perhaps not going to turn out the way I thought.  Timing is everything.

So just as with my driving, I am becoming more aware.  I am paying attention to the signs and listening to my intuition before I take that leap of faith.  I haven’t lost my entrepreneurial spirit, but I want to be more astute,  more savvy and more cautious on the road ahead. 

What about you?  How do you drive your business?  Slow and steady or fast and furious?  You too may want to observe how far your strategies take you.  Maybe it is time to change it up.

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