Friday, May 01, 2015

Take one bold step into your future

 There’s no such thing as standing still. The real question in today’s economy is what direction we’re heading. We’re either pushing forward or drifting backward. I choose going forward. What about you?”

Michael Hyatt

And I ask you the same question.  Our conference this year has the theme of Think BIG. Shine. Soar. We want to help women entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.

Statistics show that while more and more women are starting their own business ventures, they are not growing as fast as their male counterparts.

So we want to give you the confidence, tools and connections to make that happen. 

       Part of gaining the confidence, is having the clarity to know what you actually want to do.  Easier said than done as many of us struggle with our direction and where we want to take our business. Shannon Tobin will be explaining how clarity is power. 

       Having role models who have paved the way and who will honestly share their trials and triumphs, gives us the confidence and faith that we can do it too. Hear from our panel of award winning entrepreneurs who will be sharing their stories.   

       And then once we have convinced ourselves, how do we sell and intrigue others to buy into our offering. Tick. We have TEDx speaker and author Sam Horn with us to share the strategies she’s used in working with clients, and which are detailed in her new book – Got your Attention?  How to create intrigue and connect with anyone. It was a coup to get her.   

       Gaining the business tools to grow is also part of the expansion plan, and with 18 experts sharing their expertise, you get the chance to learn first hand what you need to know on topics from social media, franchising, marketing to legal or HR advice.   

       Last but not least, we will be celebrating our peers who have given back and made a difference in the lives of others, as well as networking and partying. A great way to end such a vital day.

In fact, to make sure you take action on the takeaways from the conference, we have a second day planned with meditation, action plans, focus, so you leave and go home with all the key components in place to make it happen.

In his blog, Hyatt actually listed seven ways to stay current and relevant, and attending conferences and meeting new people were high on his list.

Sometimes we need to get out of our day-to-day routine to focus on our business, instead of always working in it.  Invest in yourself. Plan to attend Think BIG. Shine. Soar. on May 26 at the Oakville Conference Centre.   There’s even free child care.  So no excuse.

See you there.

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