Thursday, May 21, 2015

Getting off the busy bus

What was I thinking??? Well clearly I wasn’t.  Thinking that is.  My conference is the big event of the year for us.  It takes a great deal of planning and the week before is just crazy tying up all the details and dealing with last minute registrations, of which there are often many.

So knowing this, why, but why, did I schedule a hectic week for myself the week following the conference, with two events back to back.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  I knew I would be tired – that’s British understatement at its best here.  Exhausted more like.  Plus we usually find we have to market an event for at least a month in advance and we hadn’t even started.

Now I could have hung in there and tried to make it work, but here I am getting wiser – I cancelled them.  I suspect only those in our immediate team even noticed.  And that’s my point sometimes we soldier on, when we don’t have to.  We think we are letting people and ourselves down if we say no, decline an opportunity or choose not to forge ahead.

But reality is – unless it’s some earth-shattering program (like above said conference) no one notices or cares.  Only you care and I think we need to care less what people think, and care more about our own health (and sanity).

So – note to self – stop … and smell the coffee.  Preferably in PJs.


Saskia Jennings said...

Great reminder... enjoy time for yourself as of Wednesday 😊

Anonymous said...

I love this reminder. I have a hard time canceling events I had scheduled some time ago. I did cancel once and I felt liberated.