Friday, October 31, 2014

Life can change in a second

Clearly I have to stop bragging that I can blog about anything, because no sooner had I told my girlfriends about my disastrous fall, than they said, well there's a blog!

But in some ways, they are right.  This whole incident reminds that our  lives can change on a dime.  I'd had a great evening, with three award- winning entrepreneurs sharing their stories to a group of women business owners.

It had been a wonderful event, with the panelists being real, honest and generous with the information they shared, both to the group and one-on-one with the women in the audience.

I think it would be safe to say that everyone left inspired and motivated to make a success of their business.  I'd had an uneventful drive home, and reached there around 11 pm, walking up the path laden with all my "stuff" from the event.

I probably only had about three steps to take before I was safely through the front door, when boom, I slipped on some wet leaves, propelling myself, and my gear forward.

My head hit the sharp edge of the step.  My glasses - yes those lovely teal ones, snapped and broke, along with three glass vases that we 'd used that night. But the major casualty was my face, with blood just everywhere.

To turn a long, gory story short, I ended up with a doozy of a black eye, two cuts to my head, and a body that was all shook up.  Later the next day, we discovered that I'd broken some small bones in my cheek and we are still waiting to hear if I will need surgery.

So I went from a real high of an event well done to a low where I'm in pain, finding it hard to read or move quickly, all in the space of seconds.

But we all know that stuff like this happens, we just forget or we don't think it will happen to us, and let's be honest, this wasn't life threatening (been there) so in the scheme of things, I will survive and get over it.

However it does serve to remind me that I have been pushing it, cramming 26 hours into the day.  Going here, there and everywhere without much consideration on the toll it was taking on my body.

So I hear you.  Today I have been taking the drugs, dozing and not fretting (well not too much) about the work to be done.  It will get done, but maybe not right away, and I suspect the only one who really cares about the schedule, is me.  And right now I don't.

One bright light in all of this, I am actually ahead of schedule for Halloween - I'm ready and I don't even have to apply any make up:) who am I? Rocky, of course.

PS. Not that it's a competition, but my eye is way more colourful than the one in the photo. Today it is fuscia, yesterday it was purple - two of my favourite colours, just not how I like to wear them :)


Linda Sztankko said...

Fabulous Blog Anne.. It shows you are genuine in EVERYTHING... Even your Halloween costume! Sorry you had such a turn of events to slow you down.. REST - Take time to heal and I hope others see the true message in this blog! ITs a Great One!

The Universe Lady said...

Dear Anne, I'm sad this had to happen to you! I'm glad you got the message. I hope! :) Take loving care. Sending love and healing light... Love you can keep things in perspective!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your fall Anne. Your message that life can change in a moment is so very poignant. I hope as you continue to heal that you begin to schedule more time for yourself. Wishing you a speedy recovery. said...

Dear Anne:
I am very sorry to hear this.
I know perhaps more than most, that life can change in an instant. But I am still always surprised when it does - especially to someone who has given so much to others.
Please take good care of yourself, dear Anne. Let other people do the work. Let yourself heal.

Wishing you a happy return to good health. I won't say 'swift', because these things take the time they take.
Big hugs,

Donna Papacosta said...

Oh no, Anne! Sorry to hear about this. Of course your sense of humour is intact, as always.
Take care. Hope you heal uneventfully.

Colleen Saunders said...

Sorry to hear about your fall but glad you are listening to what the Universe is trying to tell you. It is time to slow down, you can't keep going at the speed of lightning and not expect the body to suffer somewhere along the road. I recently broke out in a boil and was finally able to thank this little boil for showing me that I was holding onto stuff that I had to let go and then let the healing begin. Take care of yourself and your beautiful purple eye and I hope you don't need surgery. Keep up the fabulous sense of humour!!