Thursday, September 25, 2014

My hard drive is full

Attending a four-day conference is something I haven’t done in years, and for any of you who have attended events in the US, you will know that they pack a lot into their day.  It was 9-7pm – making for a long day when you are taking in new information.

Most of the information was new to me, especially on the technical side so I could almost physically feel my brain swell up and expand to accommodate these new insights. But it wasn’t just an information-overload, it was a people-overdose too.  And I am an extrovert.

There were around 750 people there – all shapes, sizes and backgrounds – all with a similar goal of learning how to package themselves as an expert – but that is where the common denominators ended.  It was a mixed group, several of whom we had to hug throughout the day. 

As someone married for 42 years to the same man, I don’t think I have ever hugged so many men who were strangers to me.J

But don’t get me wrong… it was a wonderful experience, one that pushed me beyond my comfort zone to look beyond and recognize the potential opportunities ahead of me. 

I am in total awe of Brendon Burchard’s ability to stay focused, motivated and physically able to talk after four days of presentations.  He was amazing and just the type of speaker I best enjoy – one with humour and the ability to laugh at himself, while delivering useful information.

People have been asking me about what was major takeaway and to be honest, I am still synthesizing the experience, but I know I have learned a lot, and bit by bit I will be implementing the knowledge gained. In fact, Brendon gave us a 90-day challenge – so stay tuned.

Like the hard drive on my computer, I need to clear some space so I can incorporate this new learning, which means I have to delete some prior perspectives and adapt to this new reality.

It speaks to the fact that someone in her sixties still has room to grow, and right now, like children, I am on a growth spurt.

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