Saturday, March 01, 2014

Step back and start over

How do you make your coffee?  We have a Bodum, but sometimes no matter what you do, the plunger sticks stubbornly at the top refusing to go down and press the coffee grains. 

What I have discovered is that if you remove the plunger all together and start over, it magically goes down, no problem and voilà you have a great cup of coffee.

I wonder if this is what we need to do with our businesses sometimes?  We start a new project, all excited, but nothing, nothing seems to be going right.  Perhaps what we need to do, is step back, take ourselves out of the equation, rethink, and start over again.

Perhaps it is timing, or maybe not the right people on the bus with you, or have you been pressured in this direction by someone else, and it’s not really what you want to do? Whatever the reason, forging ahead is not the answer – and in the case of the coffee pot, you’d likely break it and create a right mess to boot.

So when you are faced with some roadblocks, maybe look at why and at what the universe is trying to tell you, before trying to catapult yourself over them, because maybe, just maybe, you weren’t supposed to go in that direction at all.

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The Universe Lady said...

Thus understanding...The Universe Unfolds! :) Great post, Anne!