Saturday, March 15, 2014

Be bold. Be brave. Belong.

That’s the theme of our conference this year and I believe the message will resonate with you, because after all as small business owners, at different stages of your business, you have had to be bold and brave to enter and survive in the world of entrepreneurship.

Our speakers Shanna McFarlane and Nadja Piatka are trailblazers and our role models, having paved their way to become super successful in their business ventures. They will be sharing their inspiring journeys with us.

The courage panel this year is made up of women who have demonstrated their bravery in different ways – finding resilience in a life threatening situation; throwing her all (financially) to follow her business dream and overcoming personal challenges after an accident.  In each instance, their fortitude and tenacity to stay the course, no matter what, is to be applauded.

As for the “belong” – that’s you.   As women business owners we’ve created our own “club” – the Company of Women community.  We are there for each other, and we welcome you to come, join in and belong. You don’t have to be alone with you own. 

Finally let’s just say you will really be connected and belong together by the end of the dayJ

Check out the website  Early bird rates are available until April 1st.

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