Thursday, August 01, 2013

Chilling in the summer

At the beginning of the summer I was on a real professional high.  We’d just pulled off a very successful conference; there was a buzz about our organization and I’d had a great team meeting with everyone all excited about the year ahead.

Then all of a sudden, everything in my personal life started to fold.  Our house sale fell through when the home inspector found our basement flooded. (The sump pump died, as did the deal).  I know, I will laugh about this some time, but not yet. 

More on the water theme, my car got flooded while I was away on vacation, with over four inches floating inside.  It cost a small fortune to be fixed.  As one friend joked, with all these water disasters, maybe I should avoid going on a cruise.

And then sadly, we had to put our dog down. I guess bad stuff happens in threes, and so my hope is that we’re done but all this has kind of shaped my summer. 

We did have a wonderful vacation and I was really mellow when I got back; so much so that I didn’t want to rev up again, but more sit back and continue reading a good book. But it has been three weeks since we got back, and I am still in slow-down mode. 

I’d rather be outside enjoying the warm weather than sitting inside at my computer.  I’d rather be meeting up with friends than knuckling down to planning the fall programs.  Truth is, I’d rather be anywhere than working at my desk.

I’ve talked to friends and it would seem I am not alone.  After our long winter, many of us are just basking in the warm rays, making the most of the summer months. Avoiding the pull to get back on the fast lane, we’d rather putter along and take in the scenery.

So I have decided to just go with the flow.  I know eventually I will have to get at it, but not yet. 

PS  We have since sold our home, so maybe we’ve turned a corner.

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