Thursday, July 25, 2013

Five days to feeling fabulous

All week we have been taping the webinars for our Five Days to Feeling Fabulous Online Health Summit and it has been fascinating to watch.  We have thirty women involved in this project, all experts in some aspect of the health spectrum and we’ve taken a broad sweep in our definition of health, to include how you look, because if you look good, chances are you feel good too.

The women are from Company of Women or the Clarity Centre and we have been meeting for several months now to plan this Health Summit, so the energy and excitement has been building.  Some are presenting information on their own, others are being interviewed and we also have a roundtable discussion about alternative health therapies.

But what has really surprised me is how good the women are;  how knowledgeable they are on their area of expertise.  I know, I should have thought that all along, but when you know people in a different capacity, you don’t always get to witness their talents.  You don’t always get to watch them in action. And I am learning so much too.

 All of them, without fail, have been a bit nervous when they arrive, but once the camera starts rolling, they are terrific, just anxious to make sure they’ve covered their key points.

It has also become clear that each modality, often originating with the ancient Egyptians,  has a place in a wide spectrum of health care and that one treatment can lends itself well and lead to another.  One of the women commented on how much fun it has been to just get together with like-minded women who share a common passion of wanting people to be healthy and live a fulfilled life.  

I am also learning that the abundance approach that we foster in Company of Women is perhaps more unique than I first thought and that in other groups, it is very much everyone for themselves.  Well,  right now I am proud of our Company of Women/Clarity community.   

Ladies – you rock.

PS  Make sure you check out and register for our Health Summit – it is August  19-23, it’s free so treat yourself –

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