Friday, February 15, 2013

Serenaded with love

So how was your Valentine’s Day?  Did your honey arrange something special and romantic?

I have to say I am a bit of a cynic, maybe after being married 40 years to the same man, I kind of see Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark occasion, complete with flowers and an expensive, over-charged dinner out.

Over the years we’ve rarely celebrated Valentine's Day  – maybe I will cook a special meal – but no cards, gifts or anything.

Except for one year a few years back when my husband really, and I mean really surprised me.  We were having neighbours over for dinner and one couple had arrived when a strange car came down our driveway, and out popped four men.

At first I thought that Andy had invited extra guests and had neglected to update me, so my immediate concern was how I was going to spin the meal so it was enough for four extra people.

But no.  Egged on I am sure by one of our other neighbours, he’d booked this quartet to come and serenade me!!!  Armed with red roses, which they presented to the women, they stood at our fireplace, all eyeballs on me and sang love songs.

I tell you I didn’t know where to look.  There was no way I was gazing back at them, so I checked out the ceiling, looked at my girlfriend and tried to behave as if this was an everyday occurrence in the Day household.  Fortunately their repertoire was short and then they left.

We still laugh about it, but my husband has been warned never, ever, ever to pull a stunt like that again.  A box of chocolates maybe, but forget the musicians.

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