Saturday, February 09, 2013

Money Talks

Part of my homework in my new mastermind group was to spend time each week focusing ON the business, not working in it.

Easier said than done, especially when I am in essence, a solopreneur.  I mean when someone calls and asks for accounting, it’s me.  If a member has problems, logging into the website, she contacts me – which is ironic really – because I am no more techy than she is. Or if I have to chase up on tardy payments, that’s me too.

So eking out some time is not that simple and being the creative type, I have to be in the mood, which isn’t always slotted neatly into my diary as an appointment with myself. I am lucky in that I live on a farm and the isolation of the place does lend itself to some deeper thinking.  Although sometimes I find it is my time in the car driving there that allows me to focus my thoughts on the big picture.

And it is not that I don’t have a vision and a sense of direction in terms of where Company of Women is going.  It’s more that like my workouts, a necessary evil in my opinion, (sorry Angie) I tend to avoid what I don’t like doing, which in my case is the necessary number-crunching to determine whether what I am doing is actually generating income, or just covering costs.  

Oh I have a sense of what’s working, and what is more a “membership service” but in doing my homework, I realize I need to get a better handle on the numbers. 

I have a feeling that I am not alone in my aversion to drill down on the finances, but I also know that in order to make informed decisions about what we do, or don’t do in the future, we need to do the math.

Of course my husband, the businessman,  has been telling me this for years.  I do so hate it when he’s right, but we won’t let on will we.  This is our secret.

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