Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Moving forward in 2013

 The start of a new year is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start afresh, but as I reflect on 2012, I can see that I need to re-evaluate my attitude, expectations and measures of success.

Last year I started the year in a funk, not feeling well, and fed up with myself, with being sick and frankly with running my business.  Being in martyr mode, I felt people did not appreciate my efforts and I was burning out. Fast.

Fortunately I gave myself a shake, and got my mojo back. Now, it is a different picture.  I am well, feeling positive and the outlook is too.  Your attitude truly does determine your altitude.

But too often I have let other people’s attitudes and behaviour negatively impact and disappoint me. Sometimes people act and react in a way that seems dismissive, rejecting, or unethical but I am learning that while I may take it personally, so often it is nothing to do with me at all. As one wise person said  “Just because you feel it, doesn’t mean it’s true.” 

What was true for me was the demise of my magazine, Company, which I’d been struggling to make financially viable. With the changes in the economy, the number of advertisers were dwindling.  Yet, I carried on in blind faith, hoping that a financial miracle would turn it around.  Eventually sanity prevailed and I pulled the plug, and while it felt like failure at the time, I have come to appreciate that publishing a professional magazine for four years is a success.

So often we undervalue or don’t celebrate our successes, so in September when Company of Women turned ten, we held a birthday party, showing a video that captured the highlights of the past nine years. It made me realize how far we have come and that we need to celebrate each success, no matter how small.

Part of it is to avoid the numbers game.  As someone who puts on events, it can be all too easy to get caught up in measuring success by the number of people who attend, yet if what you are offering makes a difference for just one person, it is worthwhile.

And so as I move forward in 2013 I want to redefine what success means to me. It is more that we have a positive impact, helping women realize their potential and we make a difference.


Colleen Saunders said...

If you measure your success based on helping other women discover their potential and lead a more fulfilled life, then you should consider yourself incredibly successful. I will always thank the stars for introducing me to you and your business as that day was an awakening for me. The other bonus is the amazing people that I have met that will be friends for life. Anne, you give so much value to the people around you and you touch everyone in a special way. You are right, it cannot be measured by the attendance to events. Every event I go to I learn at least 1 new valuable piece of information. If only the other women realized what phenomenal speakers you provide, I am positive the attendance would be more to your expectations. Be proud because what you offer is so unique and special because it is representative of you and your gift of giving.

Mireille said...

Great start to the year Ann. Love the new format. Best wishes for 2013, may this year be simply SPECTACULAR.

Thank you for all you do to keep us on track, motivated and inline to reaching our highest potential.