Friday, November 02, 2012

Giving back - women helping women

We all start our businesses for different reasons – we spot a gap in service, a niche market or we want to pursue our passion, but most of all, I think as women we want more control over our lives.  We want to determine our own destiny, and on a more day-to-day level, be in charge of how we spend our time and when.

But lately I have observed another driving factor – we want to make a difference; to leave a legacy or to get in touch with our innermost thoughts.  In other words, we are looking at soul-based entrepreneurs, which may seem like an oxymoron but maybe not.

Making a difference has always been a driving force for me – whether it was when I was running a charity, working for government and now, leading my own organization.  I therefore find it gratifying and exciting to see that other women are recognizing the value to themselves and their community, of getting involved.

And we can make things happen.  Take the plight of the Herbert family where little Savannah is fighting her cancer battle at McMaster with her mother Brandy by her side.  Brandy’s decision to be there is not without sacrifice – she’s a single mother with two other young children and since August has chosen to be with her daughter and so her salary is not coming in.

As soon as I heard of Savannah’s story from one of our members, Carla Zabek, I knew we had to get involved.

So… here is the plan.  At our Eat. Shop. Play. event on November 20,  a portion of the proceeds will be going to the family; as well we will be holding a raffle.  But more, I want us to rally round and make Christmas happen for the Herbert household, and am asking you to provide gifts for Brandy (mom), Savannah (3),  Dakota (6) and Cody (9).  I will be posting more information on what they would like from Santa.

Let’s just do it. Let's make it happen.


Unknown said...

What a great thing to do, Anne! I believe that you have also captured the essence of the driving force behind many of our ventures. Making a difference is not a cliche and it provides us with the energy to propel much of what we do. What a great Company of Women and I am delighted to be part of your group!

Marcia Barhydt said...

Your article sure came close to home for me!

I too am trying to share a bit of new-found knowledge that I have. In my 2 books and in my contributing articles to 4 women's magazines monthly truly is an act of love.

Thanks for reminding what a good thing sharing is!