Saturday, October 27, 2012

You know you are getting old when....

Along with 500 other women bloggers (and three brave men), I attended the Blissdom Canada conference last weekend. 

Having blogged for seven years now and turned my blogs into my book, Day by Day, I thought it would be fun to learn what I should have been doing.

I think it would be safe to say that I was the oldest woman there, spying only one other silver-haired blogger in a sea of young faces.  And if I wasn’t convinced of my status, it was quickly reaffirmed for me by the Kraft online tool we had to complete in order to get a goodie bag.

Keen to sample the products, I lined up with others to fill out the form online.  Naturally they wanted lots of information, including date of birth, and that is where I came undone.   

My year of birth wasn’t listed, the options didn’t go that far.  So I did what any honourable woman would do, I lied.   

I am now six years younger.  I joked about it all with a young girl next to me and she was quick to tell me that her grandparents were tech savvy and how silly of Kraft not to realize that.   So I am now feeling six years older!

As for the fancy dress party and karaoke on the Saturday night, I gave that a miss.  After all, as a “senior” it was way past my bedtime.

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Tarasview said...

hey, the party was past my bed time too and I am 37 :)

I'm sorry anything made you feel "old" because you certainly are not! I'm thrilled you were there with us - and if it makes you feel any better we had lots of comments from some of the very young ladies who felt "too young"... so apparently those of us in the decidedly MIDDLE range were just making everyone feel either too old or too young!

This morning my middle son (he is 9) said to me "mommy, before you were old did you ever do ANYTHING fun?" and all I could think of was that I used to get to sleep through the night. I don't think that was what he was going for. :)