Sunday, March 04, 2012

Switching Off

Mercury is definitely in retrograde!  It was quite the week last week – from computers crashing, printers taking on a life of their own, and then this weekend the Internet at the farm is not working.  

It was almost as if the powers that be had determined that we were not going to be technically connected and we therefore needed to focus our time on other work that did not rely on the Internet.

Pretty hard these days, when much of our way of communicating is by email, and people register online for our programs.  So if we have been tardy in our responses or not replied at all, now you know why.

We’re disconnected.  Hopefully normal service will resume next week.

I have to say it was quite pleasant to be “switched off” at the farm and it did force me not to spend my downtime surfing the net or posting articles on Twitter.

A friend advised me that when mercury in retrograde it is actually still moving forward, however at such a slow speed, that it gives the appearance of going in reverse. “The good thing, she pointed out, is that you get to revisit aspects of your life and take the time to consider them differently.”

Certainly this forced hiatus from the Internet has served to remind me that I need to switch off more often and curling up with a good book is a rewarding way to spend my spare time.

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The Universe Lady said...

I guess, first, you'd have to create spare time...rather than it being created for you. Do you think? :):)